SubtlTee is a new initiative with three main aims;

1. Spreading positive messages through selling t-shirts on our Etsy Shop

2. The profits from selling t-shirts fund films which help to promote and raise awareness of specific issues and charity work. 

3. These adverts are produced to a high quality industry standard and therefore create jobs within the film industry. 


We always want to hear from people who want to get involved with SubtlTee. And there are plenty of ways to support our work!


  • Simply sharing our films and t-shirts on social networking sites boosts our reach and in turn raises the profile of the charities we support

  • Buying one of our t-shirts! We need to sell approximately 200 t-shirts to make each film

  • Designing new tshirts for us to sell. We are always looking for new positive messages to spread throughout the world

  • Donating to the charities we support -

  • Apply to work on our film shoots. Whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes we are always happy to hear from people who want to be involved. 

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